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You Take the Cake!

You Take the Cake!

These are FUN!  They can be sent as stand-alone gifts OR included in a larger basket to celebrate Spring finally arriving in South Jersey.  (We hear that it has already gotten to other places and we surely can ship there as well.)

This terra cotta pot can be used as a real planter later, but for now it is the actual container for baking the cake.  It even comes with its own mini spatula.  This gift is just so versatile:

  • Mother’s Day:  great for a mommy & me activity
  • Birthday coming?  They can bake their own and have all of the fun of doing that.
  • Is business BLOOMING thanks to a referral partner?
  • Do you want to target a key prospect to help business GROW?
  • Have a special employee who just TAKES THE CAKE?
  • New home:  After they enjoy the treat, they can plant a favorite flower and keep the pot near them.

Whatever the reason, it is practical, whimsical and tasty.   Just let us know in the comments whether you want just the cake wrapped with a bow ($12) or would like it added into a larger gift (indicate your requested budget.)




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