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The Snow Shovel

The Snow Shovel

Are you the ONLY person on your block without a snow blower?  Do you have an amazing neighbor who quite literally digs you out?

We are hoping that you had someone kind enough to shovel for you.  Or maybe that amazing neighbor did a major good deed and steered their snow blower down your driveway.  Either way, if someone spared you that hard labor, perhaps you wish to thank them with our pail full of treats.

We plowed enough snacks into it to keep them happy well after they defrost!

  • seasoned pretzels
  • chocolate covered graham cracker
  • cranberry granola pouch
  • white cheddar popcorn
  • candy
  • chocolate chunk cookies
  • chocolate mint truffle bites
  • and more (just like the snow!!)

Want to thank them with something even more special?  Let us know in the comment field and we’ll include a gift card just for them.