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Relax…….read…….sip wine…….perfection!

Relax.......read.......sip wine.......perfection!

Ever have “one of THOSE days”????  When you just sit there and pray for Calgon to take you away.  (Did I just date myself with that reference?)

Well, this is THE perfect gift for someone going through a rough time.  Whether they’re struggling with stress, a health issue, an impending divorce or a bad work experience, this is their just for them relaxation gift.

The tray has a book rack, a beverage holder, plastic tumbler and stretches across the tub for stability. Inside the vinyl travel toiletry pouch we’ve included natural glycerin soap, body wash, body scrub, hand lotion and a loofah scrubber.

Your recipient will thank you with a huge SIGH and a SMILE.