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Music Amplifier

Music Amplifier

Remember those seats that were on wheels and a handlebar that you turned side to side and it propelled you as a kid?  The commercial was “How’s it work?!?!?!”

Well….this music amplifier was like that for us at the NY Gift Show.  You insert your cell phone into the slot and it makes your music louder. No cords, no chargers, no batteries…..just glass.  It was the modern day version of “How’s it work?!?!?”  (Which was obvious to those tho paid attention in science class and knew that glass amplifies sound!)

It is a decorative office accessory with side sections large enough for small succulents.  Voila!  A plant amp all in one.

So if you’re looking for a modern corporate gift that is unique, here it is.  You just can’t go wrong!  Even I can’t kill a cactus.


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