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Let’s Put Your Name in Lights…So to Speak

Let's Put Your Name in Lights...So to Speak

Remember when you were a kid and you’d go into the store and run to the toothbrush spinner that had names?  You’d eagerly search to see if yours was there.  Not much changes as we grow up.  We STILL like to see our name on things.

We have options for you.  Most of these can have YOUR company logo  AND the recipient’s name engraved.  Bonus:  branded and personalized.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.  DO you know how impressed and flattered a client will be that you took the time to send a gift clearly JUST FOR THEM?

We can send logo items as they are or we can incorporate them into a larger gift.  We work with your budget to maximize the impact and value.

Call with your ideas and we’ll design the perfect git for you.  Choose from slate coasters, luggage/golf bag tags, leather clipboards, wood pens, credit card cases, hot/cold drink tumblers and more.


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