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Jumbo Collapsible Tote

Jumbo Collapsible Tote

Sometimes you just need a BIG gift.  This brown plaid collapsible tote with faux leather handles come big, Bigger and BIGGEST for $100, $150 and $200 gifts.

Shown at $100, this includes:

  • a tub of cookies & cream fudge
  • cheddar cheese with onions and chives
  • onion crackers
  • salami cup
  • bag of caramel candies
  • oatmeal & raisin gluten-free cookies
  • box of ginger snaps
  • Kenny’s Krumbs cookies
  • caramel popcorn
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • sour cream & onion chips
  • smoky barbecue pretzels
  • chocolate mint wafers
  • dried fruit & nut snack mix

Don’t be shy!  Call us with your budget and we’ll send these right out to your key clients and referral partners.  After all, what would your company be without them?

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