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Going BATTY planning holiday gifts?

Going BATTY planning holiday gifts?

It’s HALLOWEEN and this is one of the most fun times to send gifts to clients and referral partners.  The biggest decision is WITCH of our delectable treats to send them.

Choose from:

  • Chocolate decorated pumpkin shaped krispie treats
  • Decadent foil wrapped chocolate truffles (bright orange, emerald green, metallic gold, silver and majestic purple for the spirit of the season)
  • Dill pickle peanuts to spice things up a bit
  • Salted caramel pretzels
  • Peach salsa that supports the Food Bank of South Jersey
  • Or hundreds of other yummy delights

SCARED to pick?  No problem.  We’ll design the perfect gift at your budget and they’ll be GOBLIN in no time.



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