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Pickleball: Supply and Demand

August 14, 2017

I recently was introduced to pickleball.  It is often (not so jokingly) referred to as “old people’s tennis.”  In short, pickleball is played on a court slightly smaller than tennis, with a net slightly lower than in tennis, with a paddle larger than a ping pong one and balls slightly larger than wiffle balls.  I had a blast!

So I come home and attempt to buy some paddles and balls.  Nothing fancy.  Until I figure out if I really like it AND can find people to play with regularly, I don’t want to invest in expensive equipment. Doing a bit of research, I find what seems to be perfect in a major chain store.

Off I go, all excited to dive in, only to discover that they are sold out… as are the other 3 stores in the general area.  I try TWO other major retailers.  They are sold out as well.

Yes, I could have made the purchase online but my preference was to try them on for size to be sure I was getting the correct grip size.  Clearly the sport is taking off if all of those stores are sold out.

According to the USAPA, (YES there IS a national organization!), it is one of THE fastest growing sports with tons of places to play in all 50 states.  With tournaments, international play, memberships and video tutorials it is easy to see why the appeal is so far-reaching.  The sports facility construction industry is tickled silly by the explosive growth!  There are an estimated 2 million players across the county this year with projections in the 3 million players for 2018.

All of this brings us to supply and demand.  All stores near me were sold out.  If I am sure of ONE thing, it is that if I had an item at the shop that was selling out faster than I could stock it, I WOULD ORDER MORE!

Keeping our clients happy is our #1 priority.  And it IS as simple as that.  So, if you’d like to send a pickleball gift just let us know.  I’ll order racquets and balls to keep on hand.

PS  And if you just want to send pickles, we carry an excellent jar of Jenny’s signature salt and pepper pickles!

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