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New Grandparents: Priceless!

August 10, 2017

Grandparents:  that super-special status achieved and reveled in when your kids are grown.  This major life stage transition makes people beam like almost no other!.  I am told by all of those close to me who have reached this point that it is THE most amazingly wonderful thing to happen since giving birth. (Even better in some ways because when the infant is colicky or teething, they get to hand the screaming child back to mom and dad.)

What could be better then than sharing that excitement? Let us send your love in a basket to recognize this major milestone.  We include a stuffed animal, a onesie, snacks and lots of books (because what is better than snuggling to read a story before tucking the bundle into bed??)

For example, the Clifford the Big Red Dog design features Clifford bookends that expand as your “library” does. Bright and colorful, it is guaranteed to draw the toddler’s attention and give the added opportunity to teach primary colors.

Whether a first grandchild or the 7th (as in the gift that we sent out this morning), letting the thrilled new Grandma/Grandpa, Nana/Pops, Gmom/Granddad, Bubbie/Zadi, Oma/Opa….know that you are excited for and with them.  It is THE best feeling.

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