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Money on Honey: Bet on Us!

August 8, 2016

Money on Honey

When my son was about 12 he lost a bet to me over a song.  I was trying to teach him a lesson about gambling so that he’d learn that he wasn’t ALWAYS going to win.  He still bets on poker and sports. But I got my kitchen floor washed for all those years until he left for college.

Gambling is nothing new and can be a deterrent… or a motivator.

One of our new vendors bet on herself AND WON.  She had a dream of making chocolate candy using honey instead of traditional scorn syrup.  Everyone she knew told her it couldn’t be done.  So her response was:  “You want to bet??”

We will be carrying Money on Honey chocolates because I admire her spunk, her confidence in herself AND because they are yummy.

We bet you’ll love them!

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