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Eating Brownies and Changing Lives

July 11, 2016

puppy with stack of books

Last week we told you about the Big Fluffy Wine Bottle Contest and our fundraising efforts.  They are still underway until 7/17 and we are SO grateful to those of you who have supported it so far.  Our give-back is extensive because we believe that without supporting the community, we HAVE no community.

We are equally committed to finding vendors whose companies work for the good of their communities. At this year’s Fancy Food Show, I met the owner of a brownie company that hires ANY individual who asks them for a job, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  They make it possible for those with “employment barriers” to have gainful and meaningful employment.  No required degrees, no required certificates, no required anything except a desire to work.

How awesome is that???  But wait, just like with the Vegematic sales pitch,….it gets better.

The owner knows that “just” a job doesn’t make for a community that can be at its best, so they offer child care, community gardens, youth development and workforce development programs.  Some of their employees were at the show and spoke to how they have opportunities that “no other company would give.”

We want to support this company and will be buying their brownies to offer in our baskets.  According to a Social Impact Study, 90% of consumers would be more loyal to companies “that back higher causes.”

Do you agree?

PS  These brownies are really yummy!

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