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Holiday Gifts: brought to you by Petey

August 16, 2016

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This is Petey, a Big Fluffy Dog Rescue animal who is neither big, nor fluffy, but he IS a dog so one out of three counts.  He used to come to the shop every day when he was my foster dog.  Petey moved on to his forever family and CLEARLY misses the hustle and bustle of packing gifts here at Jest Notes & Baskets. But he left before the holiday gift season and wants to be sure to spread his message.

Summer has all too rapidly drawn to a close.  With it come thoughts of the upcoming holidays.  As you can see, Petey got there ahead of the masses.  What he wants you to know is that we are here to anticipate your holiday gift giving needs.  We’d LOVE to meet with you in the next few weeks with free samples of products for upcoming gifts.  This season brings an unrivaled number of yummy new items from edible cookie dough and Gluten-free white chocolate cookies to mini tubs of salami and delectable toffee.  Want to taste garlic parmesan oyster crackers???  Now’s your chance!

Our niche is guaranteeing your holiday gifts have maximum impact.  We get them noticed by focusing on the TIMING of sending them.  For the same OR LESS cost, the perceived value is intensified because they stand out.  Your gift will not get lost in the proverbial shuffle.

Whether you are thinking of Halloween gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts, Happy Holiday gifts, Chanukah gifts or New Year gifts….Petey positioned our team ready to step in where he left off.

He excels at “out of the box” thinking;  so do we!  Please give us a call and let us know how we can help you say thank you to those who build your business.  It is all about the relationships and that’s our sweet spot.

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