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Gift Giving Tip #2: The Element of Surprise

October 18, 2018

I’m going to tell you a BIG secret.  This is going to blow the lid right off of the gift industry.  Yup, this is up there with Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET TO SUCCESSFUL GIFT GIVING?   (Drum roll, please.)  It is the element of surprise.

You know how the best joke is one that catches you off guard?  One that has a punchline that you simply don’t expect…one that you don’t anticipate….one that IS funny because of the surprise element  It is exactly the same with gifts.

When it comes to the holidays, everyone expects gifts in December.  BUT….if you send for Thanksgiving, you capture the essence of the surprise.  Be early.  Be the FIRST.  Be the one to catch people off guard and in that one slight adjustment to when you ship, you nail it for extra value!

With everyday gifts, Amelia Michael, of Aikotek, has mastered this concept.  When she orders baby gifts, she ALWAYS has us send it to the big brother or big sister.  Correctly, she figures just about everything else is going to the baby.  So when her gift arrives with fun items to make the older sibling(s) feel special, her gift perfectly captures the Big Secret:  surprise.

All we need for this type of sibling gift is the age(s), gender, budget and hobbies….if there are any.  One such gift was for a big brother “explorer” type.

Now that I let the proverbial cat out of the bag on this, stay tuned for more gift giving tips and strategies.


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