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Corporate Programs

Our mission is simple… as your client retention specialists, we keep your clients coming back to you.  The number one reason companies stop doing business with each other is “perceived indifference.”  We work with you to define a gift program to show your customers that you really, truly care about them.   And we realize that there are hundreds of places you could buy gifts.  So why us?  That’s simple:  WE CARE, WE FOLLOW THROUGH & WE FOLLOW UP!

Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive;  it needs to be consistent.  We’ll do all the work….you take all the credit.  It’s a beautiful system!!!!

So where to start?

  • Branding: We want your “name up in lights” and offer customized logo ribbon for bows, logo labels for products and personalized gift cards .
  • Automatic birthday program: we’ll send a gift to those on your list even when you may have forgotten. You will always look like a hero!
  • Referral thanks:  Set up an automatic program so that everyone who refers a client to you receives a gift.
  • Welcome: Every time a new client joins you, a gift goes out like magic.
  • Employee of the Month: Another automatic gesture you don’t have to remember because we do that for you.
  • Monthly program:  Hotels, banks, retail businesses with front counters are all clients who order 1-2 gifts monthly (themed for holidays, seasons, etc.) to give away as they wish (Oops!, thanks for a large sale, marketing….)  Save on delivery fees and have instant access to a gift the very second it is needed.
  • Sunshine Departments:  Need an alternative to flowers with a great value?  Baby gifts always have a stuffed animal and book with snacks, sympathy trays are chock full of comfort foods and birthday gifts are fun, fun, fun!

Are you ready to stand apart from the crowd? (Dramatic pause…) What about now?

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