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Jest Notes is going to the DOGS….pawsitively giving back!

July 7, 2016




eye patch only


Many of you know that we feel VERY strongly  about supporting our clients’ causes.  Because we want to pay it forward a LOT, we donate baskets throughout the year for auctions, walks, golf outings and/or corporate events.

We are always collecting “things”:  sheets for emergency veterinary practices, blankets for animal shelters, food for the Food Bank, school supplies for needy children, books for kids who have none, toiletries for the Homeless day Center, snacks for the military in Afghanistan, etc.

Many of you also know that dog rescue is a particularly strong passion of mine.  I just got my 13th foster dog since I started.  Henry, my adopted foster #1, is exceedingly involved in therapy work.  We visit the locked mental health wards at Lourdes Hospital, the Women’s Shelter and New Visions Homeless Day Center to name a few.  Henry has been the reading dog at the Moorestown Library and is a founding member of the Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team.

The point????  I am flat out, boldly asking for donations.  Once a year, for this rescue I “come a’ begging.”  I staunchly believe that owning a business WITHOUT giving back means running it without a heart.  And so I appeal to your heart today.

Last year Henry won a fundraising contest for the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and earned his photo on a wine bottle.  The contest is running again and I entered two of my foster dogs who have all gone on to be adopted.  I am asking you to consider donating and sharing this email with friends who: have dogs, like dogs, rescue dogs, foster dogs, like wine or are just nice caring people.  Donations of any amount seriously are welcome and start at $5 !!!!

Should your company wish to do a “matching day” I’d love to chat!  We could keep it anonymous or I could give you a social media “shout out.”  The same offer extends to any individual who might want to support a match day.

 Here are the 2 dogs and their links:

Thank you, in advance. If all 4 dogs win, we SHALL be serving wine at our open house in October.

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