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Baby gifts: Sharing the joy of small bundles

April 3, 2017

Have you ever wondered why websites offering baby gifts specify “New Baby” gifts? I sure have! I mean, “new baby” as opposed to….what exactly? An old baby?  Smirk worthy, but slightly redundant.

We design lots of adorable options for newborn bundles, we just avoid being redundant.  We’re pretty straightforward.  Our choices are:

  • baby boy basketspuppy cuteness
  • baby girl baskets
  • don’t yet know the gender baby baskets (yellow or lime green is the go-to here!)
  • adopted baby baskets
  • granddaughter baskets
  • grandson baskets
  • dog baby baskets
  • godchild baskets
  • twin baby basketsdoodie baby

Whichever you select, they have some basic similarities.  All of our baby gifts have a soft plush toy, a book, a onesie** and snacks.  We love to add a gift for the big brother or sister when requested.  For grandparents, we love to focus on items that they will need for sleepovers. Maybe a Don’t Kill the Kids notepad of handy information to keep at their fingertips.  Definitely extra books for bedtime reading and a spare outfit for accidents.

So whether your baby gift is staying in South Jersey, hopping over the bridge to the Philadelphia region or heading out on a UPS truck anywhere in the country, we want you to share the joy of bringing home the little one with family & friends.

You know….the “new baby.”

**We do skip the onesie for the puppy gifts.  😉


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