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Baby Gifts: Bundles of treats for bundles of joy

August 17, 2016


Want to make someone smile quickly?  Tell them about someone you both know who had a bouncing, healthy baby!  Little else makes people want to rush right out to buy baby gifts right away. Luckily….we deliver fast.  (Often, faster than the poor pregnant mom!)

So what are our most popular baby gifts, you might ask? Regardless of budget, each of our designs includes a stuffed toy, a onesie, a book and snacks for mom & dad.  When we are told about older brothers and sisters, we include a toy for them so that no one is left out.  The keepsake part is important because we want YOUR gift to be memorable long after the chocolate cookies are consumed!

For corporate clients, we suggest sending baby gifts because celebrating “life events” is one of the key ways to strengthen business relationships.   No one wants to be just a number, or just an invoice recipient, or “just” an anything.  Reaching out with a baby gift shows that the client matters as a person.

THE most popular combination is pairing puppies with kids!  We have plush dogs in blue, pink, tan, brown….we have big ones, small ones….we have them as book ends (but that’s a subject for another day.)  The point is that whatever your baby gift request is, we can honor it.  Our dogs travel, too.  Whether you need the gift delivered the next day by our courier in the South Jersey area or shipped across the country via UPS, we can get it there.

Because we know how important that new little one is and how special your baby gift will make the new parents feel!

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