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Grandparents, Babies & Puppies…The Trifecta!

January 31, 2017

puppy cuteness

Baby gifts aren’t just for parents.  Lots of my friends have become grandparents in the past few years.  They revel in it…they kvell* about it…they cherish each and every moment.  Becoming a grandparent is a rite of passage unlike any other.

So let’s celebrate it.  We have the perfect baby gift for Grandma and Grandpa that includes an adorable plush puppy, a book for bedtime snuggles, a onesie and snacks.  It’s all in a practical container for baby supplies to last throughout a babysitting adventure.

Want us to add a humorous notepad of babysitting info & emergency numbers called “Don’t Kill the Kids”?  Just mention it in the comment section below.  (Additional $7 applies.)

Whether this is for a friend, a relative or your best client, THIS gift will be a hit!

*kvell:  Yiddish for pride off the charts, bragging uncontrollably and joyfully, with boatloads of smiles!

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