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MEET MY PEEPS! Mailings with impact.

May 31, 2016

Peeps packed

I just KNOW you woke up this morning thinking that there was no way you could go into the holiday weekend without knowing what a mailing of 872 packages of PEEPS looked like.  Le me show you.

But first you might ask WHY there are 872 packages on the porch waiting for the postman to pick up.

Because flat mailings are boring, lack appeal, are far less likely to get opened and do zero to generate interest ahead of time.  When you take the time to design a brilliant marketing message, you want it read.  You want it acted upon.  You want the prospect to take that next step that leads to a sale.

What we call “chunky, lumpy mailings” are our specialty.  Combining your marketing piece with our creativity results in an envelope or box that WILL get their attention and WILL get opened.  Nothing tamps down the curiosity and prevents quenching that desire to know what is inside.

So if you are looking for a program to augment the efforts of your sales team, introduce a new product or service, target new prospects or be an extension of your marketing department….please give us a call.

PS  This mailing was for a private investigator who wanted to introduce his referral partners to new consultants on his team.  In short:  MEET HIS PEEPS!~

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