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The Elephant in the Room: Customer Service

April 20, 2016

elephant in room

Last week I posted in Facebook about a plumber who kept an appointment, showed up on time, did the work quickly & thoroughly, was professional and left my home clean and neat.

I got more responses about that post than any other in the whole week.  How dreadfully sad!

That we are so desperate for a contractor to be responsible is exceedingly depressing.  Is this reaction limited to the trades?  Hardly.  Waiting on hold forever, cycling through voice mail options endlessly until an actual human responds, computer voices that suck you in because it takes so long to realize that you ARE talking with a computer, unresponsiveness to concerns/complaints/constructive suggestions or the extreme opposite of salespeople that will NOT take “no thank you” as a valid response….these are way too commonplace.

Clearly if we are looking to set ourselves apart from the masses, let alone from the competition, here is the short list of all it takes:

  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Show enthusiasm for the client/customer
  • Be appreciative that the client sought us out
  • Provide a great product/service at a fair price
  • Upsell with value

What would you add to the list? It seems to me that these are THE keys to success in client retention in 2016!  Do you agree??

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