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Grief & support: conveying that others care

April 5, 2016

Not all of our gifts are for bubbly, WOOHOO, celebratory reasons.  It is, perhaps, these others that are most impactful.

Today we are sending a condolence basket to a woman who lost both of her parents within a week. Struggling significantly already in her personal life financially, this was thrown at her as a devastating blow.  Her employer wanted to show her that the company deeply grieves right alongside her.

Sure, we are sending cookies, comfort foods, snacks and a meal….but what we really are sending to her is caring.  We’re sending the warmth that comes from knowing that others are thinking about her, that they mourn with her, that they envelope her in their hearts for her loss and that she is loved.  We hope to convey that her co-workers feel her pain and want her to see that they are there when she is able to face the world again.

Meanwhile, as she struggles we hope that our basket brings even a slight smile to her lips as she thinks of the hugs wrapped inside that cellophane along with the cookies.

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