wine bottle

WE WON!!!!!!!!!

Petey will be on bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and Zoey will be the cover girl for bottles of Merlot. Thanks to each of you who supported the fundraiser for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. Together we can keep saving dogs and making their lives better!

I got to see Petey this week and he has a terrific set of adoptive parents and a big beagle sister. He is loved, adored and spoiled….as it should be for this sweet dude.

Zoey & Henry got to send 5 days together wrestling.  And then wrestling some more. She is coming into her own, gaining confidence daily thanks to her lab mix big sister and her amazing adoptive parents. Her impish ways endear her to them even as she eats her way through wallets, drawer pulls and computer cords.

Your donations make this possible and we are humbled by your overwhelming support of this event.  Yes…we WILL be serving their wines at our Open House in October, so stay tuned for details!