The Jersey shore and who I’d “shore” like to meet!

Another sunny, perfect weather Friday.  You know what that means here in New Jersey.  Lots of people getting that “afternoon cough that might be contagious so I’d better leave work early” syndrome…..and then clogging the roads from here to the shore!

I’d love your help meeting the people who rent out shore homes.  There’s lots of competition for renters of the hundreds of listings in each of the shore towns.  How about getting the competitive edge by having a thank you gift waiting in the unit when the renters arrive?  Can you even begin to imagine the buzz that will create among their friends???  And all of that talk will lead to quicker and easier rentals for the rest of the season.

If you know home owners or real estate agents specializing in the rental market, I’d be thrilled to get an introduction.  What’s in it for you?  If I get an appointment to chat with them, you get one of these:

Use it for keys & beach  tags…. use it for napkins…. use it  to collect shells.  Whatever, it’s YOURS for free.       

If you help me get my foot in the door, I will ship these little feet right out to you.

Because referrals like this are the SOLE of my business!  :)