Roses are red….effective branding for corporate gifts.

Anyone who has been at a networking event with me has heard me do a 30 second commercial starting with that line.  It is expected, anticipated and associated with me.  “Roses are red” is an integral part of my company’s branding.

We take our image seriously (although we take very little ELSE seriously!)  And we do the same for our clients.

When we design gifts for FedEx, for example…everything in them is purple and orange.   Our gifts are always black, gold & white.

From the logo ribbon and bow…. to the products inside…. to  the gift card message….everything reflects upon the client’s branded image. 

But let’s be frank.  Not all gifts “out there” are created equally.  These are details that shoppers just don’t get from online, cookie cutter sites.  Let us set you apart from your competition by thanking your clients, referral partners and vendors in a way that is consistent with your company’s image.  We want your gifts to be perceived as classy and unique.

Just like you.  So if we’ve never met, just call us for a free gift basket in exchange for 10 minutes of your time.